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bad things on newgrounds (PORN ON NEWGROUNDS)

2009-12-07 20:17:46 by eevee44

there is alot of porn on newgrounds and im here to make a stand about it.Every body should know now that henti or idk how to spell it but its still porn. your favrite little pokemon are geting killed but its not bad the porn is. so yyou see your favrite pokemon cariters ( i have spelling problms) you get to and the people who made thim get to see there body parts. but there is on henti to watch and its one of my favrite but you find it out the title is called pokemon henti showdown but theres NO!!!! porn in it, it teachs the water cycle. teen titons, idk of maga man, etc has porn. naruto my favrite show to see and play the NDS game naruto path of a ninja 2 has porn sorry guys but if you type in naruto some says henti. but its not as bad well it is but ya you no waht dont watch it im not saying dont watch naruto on here gest be carefull. DO NOT WATCH AND OR PLAY NARUTO DATING SIM OR NARUTO GETS LAID THY BOTH HAVE PORN. and sonic it has a little bit of porn so i will keep all of you up to date with my posts so good bye for now merry christmas and my warring dont watch porn if you do you will got to hell read the bible to see wat it says but it does int say porn right of the bat but there is a word on there that means porn so plez dont watch porn and i wish you a marry christmas and a happy new year!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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2010-01-15 20:57:22

really im not trying to be mean gest never mind